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Our Investment Advisors through Qtrade Advisor have the expertise, knowledge and training to guide you through the investment choices that will help you meet your financial goals and plans.

If you prefer to invest in stocks and bonds or are seeking the advice from an expert, talk to one of our Investment Advisors. They will regularly advise you on a broad range of solutions, including investments, retirement income options, and estate and tax planning.

Meet the Investment Advisors

Adrian Montoya

Adrian Montoya BCom, RIS

Investment Advisor*

Serving the Orleans, St. Laurent, Westboro communities


Adrian believes that anyone can realize their financial goals and objectives with their money. As an Qtrade Advisor with Alterna, Adrian works with members to build plans that can see them through life’s ups and downs, all while achieving their long-term goals. Adrian has over 14 years of experience working with families and businesses, successfully growing his member’s wealth and managing risk.

Clinton Black

Clinton Black CIM, FMA, FCIS, RIS

Investment Advisor*

Serving the Bells Corners, Billings Bridge and Merivale communities


Managing your wealth and meeting your goals is no easy task, but Clinton, as a seasoned Qtrade Advisor, believes that comprehensive financial planning can get you there. Clinton takes the time to understand a member’s financial needs and recommends solutions that are highly customized to those specifications. Clinton makes sure that members have current investment and financial planning knowledge to help them meet their financial goals.

Frank Sgro


Investment Advisor*

Serving the Danforth, Peterborough Community Savings, Scarborough and York communities


Frank is a seasoned Qtrade Advisor at Alterna and believes that having current investment and financial planning knowledge is vital when it comes to developing an investment plan that’s right for you. Frank has been working with members to preserve and grow their wealth by providing them with holistic financial planning and money management services. With his advice and a tailored financial plan, Frank can get members on the path to achieving their financial goals and objectives.

Iliya Markovinovic

Iliya Markovinovic CFP®, RIS

Investment Advisor*

Serving the Bay St and Lakeshore communities


For over 20 years, Iliya has been helping Alterna members build their wealth through expert advice and comprehensive financial plans. Iliya, a seasoned Investment Advisor, uses his industry experience and knowledge to develop personalized investment, financial and retirement plans that are tailored to individuals’ needs and goals.
Iliya believes in making the financial planning process an uncomplicated experience to achieve the best possible investment strategies.

Peter J. Tessari

Peter J. Tessari CIM, FCSI, RIS

Investment Advisor*

Serving the Bolton, Brampton, Streetsville and Lakeshore communities


Making financial decisions can be a complex and daunting task, but as an Qtrade Securities Advisor, Peter strives to make this process as simple as possible for his members. Peter works with members to understand their short-term practical needs and long-term financial goals to give them the financial guidance they need to achieve both. For over 25 years, Peter has helped members navigate the myriad of financial opportunities and solutions, finding their perfect fit.

Robert Kazan

Robert Kazan CFP®,  RIS

Investment Advisor*

Serving the Place de Ville, Centertown and South Keys communities

613.560.0147 ext. 6301

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to retire comfortably or get assistance setting up your estate, Robert can help get you there. Through a six-step financial planning process, Robert supports members in achieving their personal and financial goals. By taking all elements of a member’s financial situation into consideration, Robert develops highly customized plans that are tailored to the member’s needs and future aspirations.


I have been working with Peter Nikolakakos for over ten years. He has consistently exceeded my expectations and goes above and beyond to help me achieve my investment goals and and build a strong financial plan. I would highly recommend Peter for the dedicated level of service he provides his clients.
–John C.

Frank Sgro has been very proactive and highly dedicated in all the time I’ve worked with him. He always makes time to talk with me about my goals and keeps my best interest at the center of the plans we make together. He has been a pivotal part of helping me prepare for my financial future, and I would, and have recommended him to anyone looking for investment advice.
–Paulo C.

We met Peter Tessari through a presentation he was giving for retirees. He used his extensive investment planning knowledge and expertise to help us build a successful investment portfolio. He actively listens to our concerns and provides guidance without straying from our preferred strategy for our finances. We’ve seen excellent growth on a conservative portfolio and feel secure about our nest egg with Peter’s advice.
–Janusz R.

We worked with Peter Nikolakakos to finalize our estate planning. It was a daunting process and we didn’t know where to start. Peter provided us with the information we needed, answered all of our questions, and clarified the steps to take to ensure our affairs were in order. He was immensely helpful in setting us up for what we need to do now, as well as what to think about for the future. We give him a 10 out of 10!
–Anne-Marie H.

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Mutual funds, other securities and securities related financial planning services are offered through Qtrade Advisor, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. Financial planning services are available only from advisors who hold financial planning accreditation from applicable regulatory authorities.

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