Chequing account packages that work for you.

Choose a convenient banking package that suits your needs. If you have more than one chequing account, you can choose a different package for each account.

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Chequing Account Banking Packages


Perfect for a low volume, consistent user.


    • Monthly day-to-day transactions: 20

    • Monthly fee: $4

    • Senior Discount 59+: $0

    • Monthly fee waived with $1,000 minimum balance: Yes


Ideal for a moderate number of monthly transactions.


    • Monthly day-to-day transactions: 35

    • Monthly fee: $10

    • Senior Discount 59+: $5


Great for active account users.


    • Monthly day-to-day transactions: Unlimited

    • Monthly fee: $14

    • Senior Discount 59+: $7

Pay as you go 

Ideal for low or occasional users.


    • Monthly day-to-day transactions: Pay per use

    • Monthly fee: $0

Youth Start

Created especially for users age 18 and under.


    • Monthly day-to-day transactions: 30

    • Monthly fee: $0

Student Life

Designed for post secondary students.


    • Monthly day-to-day transactions: Unlimited

    • Monthly fee: $0

Overdraft Protection

Add overdraft protection to your Alterna chequing account and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’ll have access to extra funds when you need them. No longer worry about your account becoming overdrawn if you accidentally don’t have enough money in your account to clear outstanding cheques, pre-authorized debits and debit card transactions. Your overdraft protection will automatically come into effect to cover any shortfall up to your approved overdraft limit.

  • Repayment is as easy as making a deposit to your account
  • Low monthly fee of $2.50
  • Annual interest rate of 19.99%
  • Covers all draws on your chequing account (bill payments, cheques, point of sale, pre-authorized debits, etc.)
  • Credit limits ranging from $500 to $5,000**
  • Application is subject to credit approval

Ways to Bank


What’s the difference between a chequing and savings account?

There are many benefits to having both a savings and chequing account. Learning to use these two types of accounts jointly can help you reap the benefits of both!

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The Benefit of Multiple Bank Accounts

Using multiple accounts can help you keep track of and manage your spending. Still not convinced? Read on. It's simpler than you think.

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Choosing the right chequing account

There are lots of options when it comes to chequing accounts. So, how do you pick? This is where you need to do some homework and where we can help.

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*US Dollar chequing accounts can only be opened in-branch.

**Application is subject to credit approval

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