Credit Cards Insurance

Alterna Savings Collabria Visa Credit Cards can give you more than convenient purchasing power and great benefits like points rewards. Collabria Visa Credit Cards also provide the added benefit of insurance.

Collabria Visa Card Insurance* benefits:

  • Protection on most items purchased with your card
  • Doubles the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Mobile device insurance
  • Auto rental collision/loss insurance
  • 90 days purchase protection on purchases made with your card
  • Emergency health care coverage
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Lost or delayed baggage coverage
  • Accident protection
  • 24/7 travel assistance

See Alterna Savings complete selection of Collabria Visa Cards for more information on the available insurance features.

*Credit card insurance is subject to terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions (including pre-existing medical condition exclusions). These are described in the insurance certificates you receive with your credit card package. Some insurances require purchases, auto rentals, common carrier fares and other trip costs to be charged to your credit card to activate coverage (other conditions may also apply).
Credit card insurance may be supplementary to other home, auto or medical coverage you may already have (meaning all other sources of insurance, recovery or indemnity must be exhausted before credit card insurance pays any benefits to you).