Renovating Your Home

Thinking of renovating, need a few repairs or upgrades? We can help! One of these options will probably be just the right fit for you.

  • Personal line of credit: For fairly small renovations that aren’t too costly, a personal line of credit is probably the best solution. You can get an easy and fast approval – and get the project up and running.
  • Secured line of credit: If you expect your renovation costs to be significant, a secured line of credit will most likely be the best option. You can take advantage of a lower rate and interest only payments.
  • Purchase Plus Improvements: For new homeowners looking to renovate right away. Avoid restrictive refinancing rules and start building equity in your new home right away, all with one simple payment and today’s low mortgage rates.

A readvancement on your current mortgage may also be an option for you – ask us for more information.

The Multi-Option Mortgage allows you to get credit based on the equity in your home.