Foreign Currency Services

Our Foreign Currency Services are just another way we help take the stress out of travelling so you can focus on what’s important: your trip!

Foreign currency services are available at all Alterna branches. You can order from a selection of over 25 currencies at competitive exchange rates, and your order will be ready for pick up usually the next business day.

Need foreign cash the same day?

For your convenience*, in addition to US dollars, you can now also pick up Euros, Mexican Pesos and British Pounds at the following branches:

*Please call the branch to confirm availability

Ordering Foreign Currency

No matter the amount, Alterna makes it easy for you to order the foreign currency that you’ll need for your travels. Foreign currency can be ordered through our contact centre by calling 1.877.560.0100, or in person at one of our branches. However you decide to order the currency you need, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to pick it up at the branch of your choice or have it delivered directly to your door within 2 business days. And, you can pay directly from any of your Canadian dollar accounts.

Didn’t spend all your money while you were away? Not to worry, we’ll buy back any unspent foreign currency when you return from your trip at the daily current exchange rate.

Please note that foreign exchange rates vary throughout the day, depending on market conditions.

Commission charges may apply and can vary by country and/or exchange partner. Visit to find the most convenient exchange location.